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This is an uncertain and concerning time for everyone right now. The Covid-19 virus pandemic has meant all of us have had to change our normal way of living. In my NHS work we have had to change many aspects of the care we provide to women, which has been hard enough for us to get our heads around, so I can only imagine how scary it must be for all of you women currently embarking on your childbirth journeys.
When you are pregnant and have hoped for a certain pregnancy or birth experience I can really empathise as to how distressing it must feel to understand that it may now not be possible.
At Natural Natal I have taken a little time to figure out how I can still offer support and care to women whilst adhering to government guidance on social distancing. My core belief of providing the best care for women is still my upmost priority and still really want you to feel empowered to have the best pregnancy and birth experience, whether overcoming pregnancy sickness , turning a breech baby, or helping you have a 'natural' onset of labour when baby is due (and starting to overstay their welcome).
With this in mind I have looked at how I can offer my packages during this time. I have come up with the following packages, taking in to account I cannot do Face-to-face/hands-on appointments at present. Now my consultations will be via either phone, Zoom, Facetime or What's app video calling (whichever is your preference)

Blooming marvellous individual Treatment package £35

This individual treatment option is for women suffering with pregnancy symptoms at any stage of your pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting, backache, SPD, restless legs, poor sleeping. This session starts with a consultation, discussing your medical and pregnancy history and symptoms. I will teach you some acupressure points (where appropriate) and aromatherapy to help you with these symptoms, enabling you to start or continue enjoying your pregnancy and the journey to parenthood.

Turning Breech babies (including moxibustion) £60

from 32 weeks - Is your baby breech? The safest way to birth vaginally is with a ‘head down’ baby. The option of ECV (external cephalic version) doesn’t fill everyone with positivity. Have you ever thought about Moxibustion as an alternative to the more invasive ECV? Moxibustion is traditional Chinese medicine technique that uses lit moxa sticks to stimulate heat and energy along meridian channels in order to rectify a deficiency in the energy (qi). Stimulation of this energy channel has the specific function of promoting downward movement of the baby’s head. Moxibustion is more effective than ECV (studies show an average of 66% effective compared to 50% for ECV) and is it is non-invasive and gentler on both you and your baby. During the first session I will teach you how to perform moxibustion on you, and will provide you with the equipment to complete your treatment. The second session is a follow up consultation where we can discuss any worries or concerns you may have about your pregnancy or impending birth.

Due-date individual treatment £35

From 38 weeks - An individual consultation with the aim of avoiding medical induction of labour. We will discuss methods to help your body prepare for birth of baby and encourage spontaneous labour.

I will also provide you with an individual blend of aromatherapy oils and Epsom salts. I will also teach you some acupressure points to encourage your body to spontaneously labour. 

Individual aromatherapy blends

If you don't want a full consultation and chance to talk through any concerns, but do want something to help with your ailments, then I can make up an individual blend to treat your condition.
Blends available to help with stress, insomnia, anxiety, relaxation, backache, headaches, nausea and sickness, carpal tunnel, leg and hand oedema and milk production. If your concern is not on this list then just message me and I'm sure I can produce a blend to help you. All blends are individually made, allowing me to change recipes to suit likes and dislikes/allergies etc.

30ml massage blend

Use direct to affected area, massage in to feet, in the bath or in a foot bath

10ml pulsepoint

10ml Pulsepoint rollerball

3 for £15.00

Nasal inhalers

Excellent to carry around with you for conditions such as nausea and sickness

Postage & Packaging

If you live in Oakham, Melton or surrounding areas I can deliver for free